people at table

The word that the early church of the New Testament used for their life together was "koinonia", a Greek word meaning "fellowship". Fellowship is important for our church because it is how we get to know each other, deepen our relationships, encourage each other, and just enjoy time together!

Each week following worship, there is a Coffee Hour and periodically through the year, we hold all-church brunches.

summer bbq

Summer BBQ's are held every Tuesday in July on the front lawn of the church. People bring lawn chairs and sit out enjoying the weather, the food, and the conversations. Neighbors and new friends are always welcome to this relaxing time of fellowship.

Tuesday Night Together (TNT) is a 4-6 week "supper and study" series that is held twice a year—once in the Fall and once in the Spring. We gather on Tuesday nights from 6-8pm. The first hour is spent eating together around tables and then during the second hour, a series of small group discussion classes are formed. The TNT small groups cover all kinds of themes—Bible studies, theological topics, social issues, current events, book studies, and more.

House Groups are small groups within PPC who meet monthly for a time of fellowship and study. The groups are intentionally diverse, as we seek to connect across the lines that might divide us—whether these are cultural, age, geographical or theological. Kathy Cooper is our House Group Guru— kathycooper@aya.yale.edu

Gathering of 20s/30s is a group of young adults who meet on the first Friday of the month at different people's homes from 7-9pm. We have an hour or so for hanging out and talking, and then take some time for spiritual discussion and reflecting on our lives. It's a great way to meet new people in the church and to deepen relationships.

The College Fellowship meets for a "hosted" brunch on the first Sunday of each month—all college-age students are welcome! If you have questions, please contact Amy and Joel Vander Weele at amy.vanderweele@gmail.com or joel@unionstudioarch.com.

The PPC Book Group meets once a month at the church. The group is open to all, and is a casual forum to discuss a variety of books. Each month the group as a whole decides which book to read next. The books range from classics, to non-fiction, to current best sellers.

Prayer Breakfast—Wednesday mornings at 7:30am.