Power Point Ministry

We have volunteers who run the slide show during Sunday and special services. Please contact Ruth Kirlew if you want to join this ministry and help run our service! We can always use more volunteers!

It's not difficult! It just takes a little time on Friday or Saturday to prepare the Power Point. When you're done, email it to the pastor and worship leader for checking. On Sunday morning, you should show up about 30 minutes before the service to double check the slides and to allow for any last-minute changes, then run them during the service.

You will need to use your own laptop. If you use a Mac or iPad, you'll need the little video adapter (VGA) to plug into our projector.

Current Volunteer Schedule in Google Docs

On your week, you will receive an email with the bulletin attached by Friday afternoon. 

Please create the Power Point using this template or a previous slide show that you have.

The Bible translation we use is the NRSV, you can find it here: http://bible.oremus.org/

Here is an online copy of the Presbyterian Hymal if you need lyrics: http://www.hymnary.org/hymnal/PH

For any songs not in the Presbyterian hymnals, you can ask the worship leader or the preacher for that week for the lyrics, or look them up on the Internet and check them with any r on Sunday morning before the service.

Hint: When I prepare the slides, I don't type a single letter of text. I copy and paste everything from the bulletin and the Bible website. That insures no typos.

If possible, complete the slide show some time by Saturday evening and email it to the Pastor who is preaching that Sunday as well as the worship leader and any other people involved in the service.

Please arrive by 9:30am on your Sunday, set up your laptop or tablet, and review the slides with either one of the pastors…

Thanks for your help with this!!